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"NEW JERSEY has a certain reputation. A contest to coin a new state slogan attracted such entries as “New Jersey: Not all our elected officials have been indicted” and “New Jersey: We hate you, too.” “Corruption is rampant at high levels, and at low levels,” said an FBI agent, before adding: “and all levels in between.” The rollicking book from which that quote is taken, by investigative reporters Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure, is called “The Soprano State”, and it is not referring to the local opera."
The Economist April 27, 2010

“This book is a page-turner. You start out laughing and end up pounding the table for reform.”
Tom Curley, CEO, The Associated Press

“Only the people of the Garden State can stop the jokes — both the ones elected to office and the ones told about the crooked truth of political life there.”
Dr. Larry J. Sabato, author of A More Perfect Constitution and director of the Center for Politics, University of Virginia

“Looking for laughs at the expense of stupid criminals? Their nonfiction tale reads like a pay-per-view epic, hence the Tony title. Featured are real-life politicians, businessmen and mobsters who've less than gracefully nabbed headlines the past 30 years.”
Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald

“In this searing exposé of the business, politics, and economics of the Garden State, investigative journalists Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure offer a portrait of a state in dire peril -- and of its own accord. "The Soprano State" provides readers with an inside look at just how New Jersey, and its policy makers, have whittled away the credibility of state, thus leaving it as it currently is: A joke, considered by the rest of the nation to be a haven for mobsters, murderers, and stereotypes. Drawing upon their collective experiences as both residents and taxpayers, Ingle and McClure will have you laughing in the first few pages and later livid with this sideways state.”
Strand Bookstore

“If Garden State politicians were worried that The Sopranos would give Jersey a bad name, they would be mortified by the allegations in Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure's revealing muckrake. Penned by two hardworking Trenton investigative reporters, The Soprano State paints a picture of widespread corruption that would embarrass even the Bada Bing! crowd. Scandalously good.”

“… this book is filled with unbelievable tales of schemes that actually happened, and that we are still paying for.”
Art Gallagher’s Moremonmouthmusings blog

“As the writers say, 'You can't make this stuff up.'”
Asbury Park Press

“Page after page of connecting the dots between Mafia figures and political leaders, an arrangement the book spelled out existed long before Jersey Attorney General William T. Brennan said in 1968 that too many state officials were 'entirely too comfortable with organized crime.'”
The Trentonian

“'The Soprano State' delves into New Jersey politics and does not paint a very pretty picture. ... Behind the scenes powerbrokers do not get a pass either.”
New Jersey 101.5 FM radio

“Here's what impressed me most about these two veteran journalists: They haven't become so cynical that they even begin to think about 'What's the use?' Instead, they're still fighting the Good Fight. … These two give me hope for the future …”
Dan Cirucci’s blog

“Perhaps the saddest part is that there are still elected officials and government employees who are so obviously linked with corruption …”
Eric Sedler, Red Jersey Blog

“Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure deserve a Pulitzer Prize for this fine piece of journalism ... It should be mandatory reading for every pupil in the United States. I give the book, Bob, and Sandy an A+!! I could not put it down.”
Speed Racer on

“This is an excellent book ... I am very impressed with the writing ability of the authors to present the material in a clear concise and fair way. I was only sorry the book ended but I appreciate the updates on A MUST READ!”
Peace Book Store Customer Review

“Yes, this book is funny, entertaining and informative, but ultimately, as a New Jersey resident, it left me both disgusted at the breadth of the corruption and despairing for the future of the state.”
The Black Vault web site

“Far and away, the best nonfiction I've read in years! I couldn't put it down ... reads like fiction. I live in California and feared it might only be of interest to those who live in New Jersey. Boy, was I wrong. Ingle and McClure are remarkable reporters who'll keep you spellbound. Perhaps 'The Soprano State' wouldn't be as hilarious if you resided in New Jersey but it is that and fascinating.”
Cissie Cooper, avid reader, on Barnes & Noble web site

“'The Soprano State' should be required reading for every budding journalist. It shows just how far the egotists we keep electing and entrusting with government coffers will go to advance themselves. It’s a delightful read even if politicians aren’t that bad in your state ... you think. The two authors have done a masterful job in capturing the laughter and larceny that abounds in the state house and its environs. Send another book our way.”
Barbara Knowles, News Editor, Newton Citizen Covington, Ga.

“'The Soprano State' was a mighty fine read. Bravo to the two authors for their free flowing prose."
YusheKaw, avid reader, on Barnes & Noble web site

“… Ingle and McClure present a cheerless story of oligarchy and kleptocracy covering the length of the Turnpike from Cape May to Fort Lee, the executive mansion in Princeton to the statehouse in Trenton, horse country and the Pineys, Sinatra’s native turf in Hoboken and Joe Piscopo’s down at the shore. They nail the backroom intrigues in impressive scope and detail.”
Kirkus Reviews

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